It's been a while..

Hey, it's been a while since I last came to visit. 

But though I still follow a few blogs here, I don't visit the site itself anymore and I"m quite reluctant to update it even just on a monthly basis. I rather invest my time actually reading and reviewing than maintain another book inventory site (though this one is more social which IS a plus, yet since it can't replace the book inventory abilities of GoodReads I'll be staying there for the moment).


So what I'm doing here this moment?

Just letting you know where you can find me :)


First my independent blog on Blogger - Ultra Meital Reviews - which I update with reviews of all the books I've read and also monthly recap / goals (as I did over here).


I also update my Facebook and Twitter account on my reads and plans. You are welcome to follow me on either or both :)


I also recently updated my Pinterest reading board. There I only upload link to specific book reviews, not to my other "ramblings" (mainly the Monthly Goals and Monthly Recap posts).


Last but not least you can follow me of GoodReads. Since there is no option for posts there, like with my Pinterest board I only update book reviews and nothing else. 


See ya over there ;)


Have a wonderful day with a great book at hand :)